Bring the joys of spring to your home

Soft pastel shades add a breath of colour to your kitchen, giving it a magical, delicate look. Choose your favourite shades from the finely graded satin lacquer colours and create a fresh ambience with effortless ease.



Biella Satin lacquer fronts – chose from 28 beautifully coordinated satin lacquer colours!

L090 Crystal WHite Satin
L090 Crystal white satin
L100S WHite Satin
L100S White satin
L135 Magnolia Satin
L135S Magnolia satin
L150S Cream Vanilla satin
L150S Cream Vanilla satin
L120 Crystal Grey
L120 Crystal grey satin
L235 stone grey satin
L235 Stone grey satin
L275 Agate grey satin
L285 Anthracite Satin
L285s Anthracite satin
L190 Lava Black Satin
L190 Lava black satin
L210 Sand Grey Satin
L210 Sand grey satin
L445 Truffle Brown Satin
L445 Truffle brown satin
L225 SUnny Yellow Satin
L225 Sunny yellow satin
L230 Fiery Red Satin
L230 Fiery red stain
L280 Aqua Blue Satin
L280 Aqua blue satin
L485 Moss Green satin
L485 Moos green satin
L455 Curry Satin
L455 Curry satin
L220 Terracota red satin
L220 Terracotta red satin
L360 Blue Grey Satin
L360 Blue grey satin
L460 Sage Green Satin
L460 Sage green satin
L330 Pastel Yello Satin
L330 Pastel yellow satin
L385 Pastel Rose Satin
L385 Pastel rose satin
L365 Glacier Blue Satin
L365 Glacier blue satin
L215 Pastel Green Satin
L215 Pastel green satin
L435 Broom Satin
L435 Broom satin
L375 Garnet red satin
L475 Petrol satin
L475 Petrol satin
L327S Pistachio Satin
L327S Pistachio satin
L480 Indigo Blue satin
L480 Indigo blue satin